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Task 2: Data-Patterns & Play


  1. Task 2: Data-Patterns & Play

Task 2: patterns & Play – option 4

If remote students where being taught online, 3 possible data activities that could be done from home include:

  • Early years: children sorting an object (bocks, pencils or anything available to them) by either size colour or type.
  • Lower primary: a drawn picture with all the different ways to represent the number 9, i.e. the numeral 9, 9 dots drawn on a car, 4+5 etc.
  • Upper primary: different ways to represent the times table equations. I.e. the equation 4 x 3, four groups of three dots, three groups of four dots etc.
    • this task could be extended by asking students to identify the three process in the representation of data; sorted, arranged, and visually represented