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Anne Keyte▸ Additional Resources

Year 7&8 Digital Technologies
Task 4. Organizing Data for Apps

An example of cleaning a data source.
Data source is the contact information for a community group. Each year this is cleaned manually as people move, change partners, phone numbers etc. The data base can only work if accurate – is only accurate with accurate information from a set date. This is gathered on printed sheets during 1 week at beginning of year.


Anne Keyte▸ Additional Resources

Years 7&8 Digital Technologies
Task 3 An example of mind mapping or high level design focused on an app idea that you would like your students to develop in your lessons.

Design an App

Crossing the road safely – for teenagers

Audience – app user – teenagers
Goal – to help them stop looking at mobile when crossing the road and to remind them of basic road safety behaviour
Functional requirement – engaging to remind them of how to cross road – also loud reminder to stop looking at mobile when crossing road


Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet)▸ Additional Resources

If you have completed the F-6: Foundations course and you would like to claim the hours for NSW accreditation. You will need to share your contact details with me. To claim hours you will need to have completed the course by December 30 2017. The next upload of hours will be in July 2018.

Pre 2004 teachers should not complete the course until they are financial with NESA.

If you do not plan to complete the course you can claim your hours as teacher identified.

For the NESA standards you need to log into the course and click the