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Pamela Winston▸ News & Information

Option 2. Find an example of digital technology being used to solve a problem or an innovative digital technology. This could be a news article, a website, an image, a video or some other content. Share what you have found with a brief description in the community as to why you think this is interesting.

Why wasn't this invented 30 years ago!! A great idea that utilizes technology to replace some of the more time consuming and frustrating tasks in our lives. Let's hope it really does have a high success rate!


Sarah Kennedy▸ News & Information

Hi everyone,

I've just completed the 7th unit (Visual Programming) tonight and thought that was sufficient to meet the 31st Jan deadline for accreditation consideration.

However – I have just seen reference to a digital portfolio … can someone tell me whether I have met the requirements for accreditation and/or whether I need to complete the digital portfolio? If I have more to do, I think I will miss the submission deadline 🙁 Thanks so much.


Meridith Ebbs (iMerinet)▸ News & Information

Hello to everyone currently completing BOSTES Accreditation (NSW Teachers). Or teachers maintaining accreditation currently working in other states.

If you would like to claim the 21 hours of accredited training you will need to give us your BOSTES number using the linked form. This also gives permission for us to share your information to a 3rd party.

For accreditation you will need to print the document in the course under Course Info