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  1. Discussion

Task 6 – Algorithms and Programming

Option 2

My grand-daughter has the DK book, “My First Coding Book”. It gives clear explanations for the beginning of learning to code. One activity called ‘Jungle Escape’ has you moving around a grid avoiding some obstacles.  You have to choose the direction you travel to avoid the obstacles.

My First Coding Book

When I began to think about the activity that I could suggest I thought of using picture books like ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and ‘Rosie’s Walk’ to learn to code. On searching the internet I found that someone had already come up with such activities for these books and others. The students have to place an arrow pointing in the correct direction in each box as they move around the map. These are simple activities that will assist students to learn the basics of coding.

Learn to Code with a Children’s Book – Hen Walking Algorithm Printable