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Rory Mc Caughey▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

I created an Inforgraphic using "fake" data as this is an investigation I will be modelling to my class before they undertake one of their own choice.  We will be focusing on the process of collecting and representing data.  I wanted to try out so I had some idea of its functionality before introducing it to the class. Through this module I have found so many quality resources that I would never have encountered otherwise.  Great timing considering my up and coming Science Inquiry Unit and Data Handling in Maths.


Nicolle Jakube▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Easy Portfolio is an easy way to store, collect and analyse data about learners using an electronic portfolio. It is easy for students and teachers to use. Students in my class add their own records including photos of their work, videos and comments. I am also able to comment on their achievements too.
I haven't used it for linking to web/online tasks or audio recordings but this can be done too. It is also a great way to share data about a child's progress during student-led conferences or parent-teacher interviews.


Vivien Clark▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

Introduction through storytelling

Illustrating a connection between handing data and everyday activities can be introduced early through storytelling. There are so many children's books that deal with quantities, patterns and processes that can be used to support activities focusing on data but a few books cover these concepts explicitly so that actively recording and interpreting the information is woven into the purpose of the narrative. Here is a collection of useful picture books that are just right for this purpose.


Beth Rothery▸ F-6 Digital Technologies MOOC

I have been doing datalogging with NXT robots and the Lego Mindstorms program for the last 2 years with Year 7 students.  We collect data on a range of ideas such as how many people keep to the left side of the stairwell, is a Year 7 classroom noisier than the Prep classroom, the noise the bubbler makes when we get a drink and the number of people using the main entrance to the school at 3pm.  The students decide on their data collection plan, choose the appropriate sensor, predict the shape of the graph, run the data collection and analyse the graph.