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  2. Task 5: Information Systems

Staying Safe Online Lesson Plan Idea

Hi Everyone,

Below is a lesson plan for students in years 4 -5 about safety online and behaving appropriately online.

Ask students to brainstorm what is safe to share online

Ask them to discuss why they believe one thing is more safe than another

Show them examples and ask them to determine what is ‘safe’ and what is ‘unsafe’

Find appropriate videos via the following link for internet safety

Discuss key take away points and ensure students have gained an understanding on online safety.


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  2. Task 4: Digital Systems

Past and Present Technologies

Hi Everyone,

As a requirement of my next task, I am sharing a useful online resource for remote primary learners currently studying past and present technology and their purposes. The online recourse, Teach This Past and Present Technology has a range of worksheets and activities the educate students on technology from the past and the technology of the future. Some of these activities sorting technologies into past and present categories and developing timelines. Please find the link below:

At the end of each activity you choose to set your students, you can set up virtual meetings on platforms such as ZOOM and ask them to share what they have doe.



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  2. Task 3: Data- Representation

Teaching Binary to Kids – Useful Resource

Hi everyone,

Teaching binary to kids can be a difficult thing to do. I have been doing some research and have managed to stumble across a very useful resources that offers lesson ideas and downloadable puzzles that teach binary to kids in an unintimidating and stress-free way. This resources was developed by ‘The Science Kiddo’ who has a focus on developing an early love of science, one experiment at a time.

Please find the link to the resource below:

Teach Kids Binary in One Simple Step


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  2. Task 2: Data-Patterns & Play

Data Activities for Remote Learners

Below, I have put together a few data activities for remote learners. As we are all aware due to COVID 19, many teachers have had to begin teaching virtually and this can be both overwhelming and difficult. If there are any teachers that are struggling to think of ways to actively engage students in data learning, please read on!

  • Activity 1: Ask students to collect as many toys as possible and present them in different ways their show their data. Minimum of three. Eg, colour, size and pattern. Share results.
  • Activity 2: Ask students to collect as many leaves as possible and then to present them in different ways. Minimum of three. Share results.
  • Activity 3: Ask students to choose three of their favourite colours. Then ask students to walk around their homes and keep a tally score of every object that is one of their chosen scores. As them to share their results collaboratively over a platform such as zoom.
  • Activity 4: How many ways can students present tally sticks? Encourage them to get creative. Share results with the rest of the class.
  • Activity 5: Ask students to log on to the Top Marks website, select their year level and data handling activities and complete a minimum of three exercises.¬†
  • Activity 6: Ask students to count the cars outside their home over a 10 – 20 minute period. Take into account colours and present their data in a creative way.

Hopefully this helps anyone in need!


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  2. Task 1: Introducing DTs

Innovative Digital Technologies that enhance farm productivity and profitability.

Hi Everyone,

In my second task, I was asked to find an example of digital technology being used as an innovative method or way of solving a problem. In answering, I have found a really interesting article that discusses utilizing various digital technologies in agricultural settings, introducing the idea of digitised farming that will increase productivity and the farms overall profitability.

I found this interesting as I had never before considering digitised farming as something that would actually occur/exist. The article suggests that digital technologies can manage farm inventories and also provides the tools to monitor, analyse, track and optimise various agricultural assets efficiently.

Another point that really stood out to me was that the increased use of livestock biometrics will ensure the keeping of livestock health and will have a direct impact on the increase in yield of dairy products and therefore majorly improve both profitability and productivity in livestock farms.

If you get a minute, I highly recommend giving this article a read. The link is below: