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  1. Task 7: Visual Programming

Task 7: Option 2

Using Bee-Bots is a great opportunity for children to participate in an activity which involves an engaging and hands-on digital technology manipulative.

Students are able to give the Bee-Bots directional instructions by moving forward, backward, left or right. These instructions will program the Bee-Bot to move.

An activity I have used in my previous practice which involves Bee-Bots is the use of a treasure map. The students are given explicit instructions they need to follow to get to the ‘treasure’ on the map. For example: Start at the ship, go around the rock, over the bridge, around the tree etc. For the younger children, they were required to then write down the instructions they gave the Bee-Bot to get to the treasure (this is as simple as drawing the arrows).

This idea was inspired from the following link:


  1. Task 1: Introducing DTs

Task 1: Option

Virtual Reality Developers

Virtual reality has been found to have an incredible impact on many industries: some examples being healthcare, education and even the military.

A VR developer writes the code for cutting edge game development.

Virtual Reality is used in the military to train soldiers for ‘real-life war’ situations and live fire exercises. This helps with the safety of soldiers when training.


Could the future of military training be using virtual reality?

Read more about it by using the links below: