I believe that future cyber attacks will become more sophisticated over time.

As a parent of two young children, I have become  more conscious of what we share online. This realisation was initiated by an unconscious decision my wife and I made not to post photos of our children on social media. However, our friends have not recognised this and whenever we do something social, other people are posting photos of our kids.

So when considering this question, my concern is that in the future cyber criminals will use data mining to find out peoples personal information to access bank details and/or steal peoples identities.

As criminals get better at cyber attacks, I feel the general public is being lulled into a false sense of security as lives get more digitised. Cyber attackers are getting more and more data on people who wilfully and naively put it online.

Last week I saw someone post on a community page with tens of thousands of people, that they were looking for a gardener to attend their property whilst they were away. The post publically announced their name, suburb and the exact timeline they were going to away. This action provided would be criminals with everything except their address for them to be robbed. On top of this, if the potential criminal was digitally literate they could break in and gain easy access to their online activities by getting on to their computers, as a lot of people have their passwords stored so if the device is on their wifi you don’t even need to re-enter your passwords once logged on to the computer/phone.

This is why it is critically important we teach our students about cyber safety from a young age.


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