Unit 2 – Task 2

Answering Question 1 for Task 2:

Cyber Security is a process relating how we protect our computer and/or network hardware and data through both tangible technologies and digital systems and/or processes. Whereas, Cyber Awareness is a personal approach, being mindful of the dangers when using connected technologies, and keeping current with information about new threats. Cyber Safety also relates to your behaviours in a connected world, considering your digital footprint and how your actions affect others in shared spaces.

These three terms and actions are incredibly important for our students to learn as concepts and skill. As human interactions and processes grow more connected, continually migrating from interpersonal to digital spaces, students need to remember that just because they can’t personally see someone, their actions can cause them harm. Conversely, that in these spaces although students may be able to see an image or presentation of someone on a screen, despite innocent behaviours, the persona may not align with the persons presented intent, which could cause the student harm. As society evolves, unfortunately so do threats to peoples personal and financial wellbeing, hence Cyber Security and Awareness is increasingly important for our students to be able to use new technologies safely, and efficiently.


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