Unit 4: Option 1

What are some primary-friendly “scam scenarios” that you could use in the classroom for encouraging students to critically think about messages they receive? Create your own “fake scam” to share with the community so they can try and spot the tell-tale signs!

Some primary-friendly scam scenarios could include: winning the opportunity to speak to a celebrity they follow, winning money, early access to a new game or monitor (i.e. the latest PlayStation), or buying something online from an unreliable source. Some examples:

Comment from Ch@rliDAme:
Thank you for being a supportive follower! This is my secret account to connect with my followers, please send through your home address, full name, and phone number to win the chance to get a phone call from me!

Congratulations Cassie! Your are in the draw to win the new PlayStation 5!

Some tell-tale signs are: unofficial accounts and emails, spelling errors, winning something too good to be true, and no contact details.

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