Unit 2: Task

For me, cyber security is more about technologies, cyber awareness is about knowledge and cyber safety is about behaviour and attitude. In my school, this topic is taught in Year 7 and we use Grok Learning and [CyberCraft: Home Sweet Hmm | Minecraft Education Edition](https://education.minecraft.net/en-us/lessons/cybersafe-home-sweet-hmm). My students feel Grok Learning is too dry maybe partially because they use it to learn Python. But when using Minecraft, most of them are too good and find the tasks childish so digress very quickly. In my opnion, it is great to have something hands-on like Minecraft but a wider range of difficulty is more desirable.

I was working on a lesson for data transmission using a quiz game from this course [Networking with Python: Socket Programming for Communication](https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/networking-with-python-socket-programming-for-communication/9/todo/150329) However, I am very pleased to see the [Morse Code lessson](https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au/teachers/lesson-ideas/morse-code-network) here. I also like to teach it using wireless technologies using Bluetooth (Microbit) or Raspberry Pi Pico W (Wifi). But the Morse Code lesson is my top preference because it is very well planned.

I also found a CSIRO event recently. It uses a simulator and allows students to get their hands dirty in a simulated Windows environment.

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