Unit 2: Task

  1. Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or to what extend do you think they should be taught and why?

Cyber security entails the security level of computers, networks, programs and data and ensuring they are protected and as safe as possible. Different cyber awareness focuses on ensuring people know the correct behaviours and approaches to protect themselves. Contrastingly, cyber safety focuses on managing safe and responsible collaboration and communication online.


  1. Share with the community a way you would like to introduce networks into the classroom to make it tangible or visible for primary students. It could be using a resource you have found or your own idea or thoughts.

As a part of the class’ morning routine I could include a link on the PowerPoint that will direct me to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). I would then give the children an opportunity to come up and help me find out information of the daily forecast (temperature, wind, sunrise, sunset etc). I will also show them the feature on the website that displays the list of services that BOM provide including agriculture, climate and past weather, water information, aviation weather services and many more. In addition to the services, I will demonstrate how they can access BOM news and events. To encourage reflection on the importance of this website I will ask questions such as “Why do you think it is important that we have access to the weather of all different states and country”.


  1. Share an activity idea or classroom resource that you have found online or created yourself that involves primary students exploring private and public information sharing. It could be a video, lesson plan, storybook, song or anything else!

The following video is a great introduction to being safe on the internet. It covers many aspects including cyber bullying and online safety and is displayed in an interactive and engaging way. As this video is directed to primary school children it isn’t too overwhelming and confronting but still manages to effectively portray the message.


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