Task 5

Find a resource (a website, video or storybook) for teaching a topic related to cyber ethics and share this with the community. Provide a brief explanation.

An important ethic that relates to any age is cyberbullying. I have designed this lesson plan so that students understand its unethical to cyberbully and how you identify it and report it. Using this PowerPoint, go through it with students so they are able to understand the situation/topic https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JYt53X3UVBl2QALJaw1DhJH1PA_6kdjaMrTDudGQcp8/edit#slide=id.g3e3f96c340_0_27

Video: https://video.commonsensemedia.org/digitalcitizenship/Power_of_Words_Update_Site.mp4

Now discuss with students why people say those words. Is it because its easier to write those words than to say them face to face? Inform students on the appropriate ways to manage the situation; stop playing the video game, tell a parent, or report it on the website.

  • S: Step away
  • T: Tell a trusted adult
  • O: OK sites only
  • P: Pause and think


Then ask students to discuss this worksheet and fill it out https://docs.google.com/document/d/110laTyRWZ1-cSZe96213ybTZxCiyp4mp1vWVXKMRPjY/edit

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