Task 2

While working my way through the end of Unit 1 and entirety of Unit 2 I have gathered an understanding for

Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness and Cyber Safety: This is as follows

Cyber Security: The key differences are protecting digital technologies from hackers and viruses that may corrupt the network and or device.

Cyber Awareness: The key differences are knowing that hackers/scammers exist and if personal information is shared with someone on the internet such as emails and passwords this may endanger your accounts which is why having a strong password is important.

Cyber Safety: The key differences are knowing what to share and what not to share, understanding that something upload to the internet will stay on the internet regardless if it is deleted, due to current technology and the “cloud.”

As a Pre-Service teacher I believe that these cyber concepts should be taught from an early age because children are often engaged online at young ages with modern technology and apps such as Tik-Tok and YouTube. It is important that children have an awareness of how the internet and digital technologies work especially if this is able to come across in a fun and engaging way, that teachers them about safety so that they can understand before sharing online.


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