Unit 2 Task

Cyber security is the protection of digital data from others trying to gain access to that information, cyber awareness is the understanding of that process and making good choices to protect our online information and cyber safety is being safe and responsible with our information online. It is my belief that with the increasing integration of technologies in the modern world, children should be taught quite in-depth how to be safe and how to conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible way in an online setting. Children should also have a fundamental understanding of cyber awareness to know what is safe for the school and home network and what potentially puts protected data at risk.


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    Unit 2 task: Option 3. While searching for resources to implement in my future teaching around cyber safety I found a catchy song sung by children about sharing personal information online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kq3nvC8La0
    i believe this resource would be great for primary aged children as it is informative with the information that shouldn’t be shared online and it is also catchy and memorable

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