Unit 2 Task

Cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety are all concepts that are heavily entwined however, there are some key differences. Cyber security revolves around ensuring that the technology that is being used is protected in order to prevent attacks and ensure that information is encrypted and kept safe. Cyber awareness relies on what knowledge can be built to protect ourselves when using technology, this includes being able to create secure passwords, staying up to date on policies, being aware of how your data is used and knowing how to avoid cyberattacks. Finally cyber safety is about knowing how to use online data and tools in a safe and responsible way including, utilising settings, and having an ethical understanding on how to use and share data such as citing information. It is important that students are able to understand and connect these concepts and while not every facet of cyber security, awareness and safety can be taught we can offer students the framework and information they will need to ensue they are protected.


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