Unit 2

Cyber security has to do with with protecting computer and networks from attacks such as hackers and viruses. It is centered around security design, security controls and protection, security awareness and user behaviour. People, at all stages, play a critical role in cyber security. It can be characterized as a system of people who are involved in designing secure systems, people who maintain security and protection, people who educate about cyber security awareness and those who use digital tools. For this reason it is not as important to teach cyber security then it is to teach students about cyber awareness and cyber safety. Cyber awareness is about having the knowledge and ability to act and behave safely online and what it means to be a digital citizen. We need to teach children about their own personal footprint and how data online is never permanently gone. This means students need an understanding of what data is and how it is processed and turned into information that can be used against someone if they are not careful. If we are cyber aware then we can be cyber safe.

I would like to introduce networks into the classroom to make it tangible or visible for primary students by using a concrete example such as a train line or how a phone message is sent. I would use the idea of one student sending a message to another.

Hello Ruby is a great resource I am finding very useful.

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