Task 2 – Option 4

Option 4: If you are teaching students remotely (online), what types of data activities could students do from home? This could be an activity with or without technology.

If I were teaching students from home the following activities could be used as the basis for collecting data and displaying this in an appropriate fashion:

  • Use a pie chart to display the budget data for a family camping trip.
  • Using an old stocking and some grass/bird seeds students create a grass head. Then measure the grass daily and plot this growth as a line graph over the period of two weeks.
  • Students use their own child health records to create a multiple line graph plotting their weight and height growth over their first year of life.
  • Students record the temperature of their town each hour on the hour over a 12 hour period and display this data as a line graph.
  • Collecting data from 7 of the largest waterfalls in the world, create a column graph to compare their drop in metres.

The above information could be displayed in a graphic organiser using an app such as, ‘Numbers’ or presented on paper using the appropriate graph.


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