Task 1 (Option 2) – ‘Smart Inhalers’

When researching examples of Digital Technologies being used to solve a problem, I discovered ‘Smart Inhalers’. These inhalers are a perfect example of the way that technology can improve the quality of life with someone living with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Smart inhalers are inhalers that have extra digital features, i.e., they are linked to an app on your smartphone that allows patients and doctors to manage asthma better. Smart inhalers even have sensors that can work out if you’re in high pollen or high pollution area. These sensors send reminders and even let users know when an inhaler is required. Smart inhalers are designed to automatically track how often someone is using their inhalers and keep the record.

Considering it is estimated that around 1 in 10 Australian children have asthma, this would be a very relevant example to share with students; helping them to see how even the simplest of digital technologies can enhance the quality life of someone living with this condition and also reduce hospitalisations and death.

Smart inhalers: will they help to improve asthma care?


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