Unit 4 – Question 3

– Receive gifts from foreign friends who make friends online

– Claiming to be the authorities calling to notify the investigation

– Hack Facebook to borrow money

– Notice of winning money, valuable property

To be a civilized social network user, each individual needs to be aware that personal information and privacy secrets of others are protected by law and no one has the right to infringe. Therefore, you should not and should not share anyone’s personal information without that person’s consent (unless otherwise provided by law). With information about the public form (for example, personal name, address or phone number, believed to be participating in social – charity work; or information of a warning nature. alert, such as information about someone who is believed to be a fraudster, a criminal, etc.), we need to verify the accuracy of the information to avoid sharing unverified information. In other words, we should “responsibly share” any information.

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