UNIT 4 TASK 4 Cyber Risk and Security Measures

Create or find a classroom resource that teaches students about creating strong passwords, passcodes, or passphrases.

To teach students about creating strong passwords, passcodes or passphrases we can use several approaches in the classroom activity and uses some resources that we can access from the internet. The classroom activity and the resources that can be used are:

First, introduce the students to how secure is the password. This activity aims to learn which password combinations are hardest to guess or crack.

In this activity, we have to introduce our students to the common password that is used by most people, then stimulate how strong the sample password that they have through the following resources:

Information: The most commonly used passwords in 2017 (https://fortune.com/2017/12/19/the-25-most-used-hackable-passwords-2017-star-wars-freedom/ )

Website: https://www.security.org/how-secure-is-my-password/

Through this website, we can stimulate how strong our password is by dropping it on this website to check the strength of our password and the times that are required to hack our password.

Second, Introduce the students to how to design the strongest passphrase. The aim of this activity is to learn how to design a strong password that is easy to remember. Sometimes, designing and remembering strong passwords can be so difficult. So, to make it easier, we can use a passphrase

In these activities, the teacher must explain to students the way to create a passphrase by working through examples. For example, we can use a sentence that is easy to remember, then we can convert it to create a passphrase.


Sentence: BeautifulBeachinBali

Passphrase: Be4ut1fulbe4chin84l1

Then, we can check the strength of our passphrase on the following website to know how difficult is it to be cracked.

The resources that we can use are:

Website: https://www.experte.com/password-check

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