Unit 2 Task

  1. The difference between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety:

Cyber safety is the act of being safe while using ICT, while cyber awareness is the knowledge that allows you to make informed decisions that allow you to stay protected from cyber attacks, whereas cyber security is a way of protecting your computer or network so that you are not prone to cyber-attacks or lose valuable data through hacking such as a fire wall or anti-virus programmes.

2. My classroom use of the three:

My lessons especially for Global Perspectives (GP) are designed toward cyber safety and cyber awareness. In GP we teach the students ways to decide if the data they are collecting or reading is legitimate and not fake news. We teach them skills in testing a claim -the = CRAAP test. Through and for their course work in GP and IB Business Management we also teach them how to get data from reliable websites.

However, unit 2 of this course on data crumbs and security, public and private information is a very creative way of packaging what they need to know. They have a better understanding on how the data shared by them can be misued. I love all the activities of unit 2.

3. CRAAP Test

Click to access craap-test.pdf

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