Unit 1

Hi, i am Yohanes, i am studying education of technology and computer science in Indonesia. I am from Indonesia.  I will use this course to teach technology in the future and discuss the information to the others, thank you

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    Hi everyone. My name is Opik Prasetyo, I am from Indonesia. I’m an educator, I teach Biology in one of the private Senior High schools in Indonesia. For now, I also studying for my master’s degree in Biology Education. I really enthusiast to follow this course because I realise that digital technology in education, like cyber security, is a very important issue. It’s not important for me as a teacher, but also for my students. That’s why I need to study about it. I hope that I can share the knowledge and experience that I got from this course with all my students because it will be really useful for them to know about it. So that they can wisely use any kind of digital technology to support their study and life in the future.

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