Task 3

Whenever you use the internet, you leave behind a trail of information known as your digital footprint. A digital footprint grows in many ways – for example, posting on social media, subscribing to a newsletter, leaving an online review, or shopping online.

Online shopping

  • Making purchases from e-commerce websites
  • Signing up for coupons or creating an account
  • Downloading and using shopping apps
  • Registering for brand newsletters

Online banking

  • Using a mobile banking app
  • Buying or selling stocks
  • Subscribing to financial publications and blogs
  • Opening a credit card account

Social media

  • Using social media on your computer or devices
  • Logging into other websites using your social media credentials
  • Connecting with friends and contacts
  • Sharing information, data, and photos with your connections
  • Joining a dating site or app

Reading the news

  • Subscribing to an online news source
  • Viewing articles on a news app
  • Signing up for a publication’s newsletter
  • Reposting articles and information you read

Health and fitness

  • Using fitness trackers
  • Using apps to receive healthcare
  • Registering your email address with a gym
  • Subscribing to health and fitness blogs

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