Task 2

In my opinion, cyber awareness, cyber safety, and cyber security are different things. They have different goals, cyber security has a goal of the practice of protecting computers, networks, programs, and data from digital attacks, while cyber awareness is for the knowledge, attitude and behaviours that aim to protect our information assets, and cyber safety aims at for the safe and responsible use of information communication technologies.


Then the purpose of cyber security in schools is to:

– School and department policy documents

– Structured lessons – curriculum based

– Community education programs – students, teachers, parents

– Monitored practice

– Secure local area networks

– Filtering management systems

– Learning management systems


Then the next difference when we study ‘cyber awareness’, ‘cyber safety’, and cyber security is that cyber security refers more to skilled professionals to design technology and systems, strong testing procedures to prevent attacks, applying innovations eg biosecurity/artificial intelligence, and maintaining secure technology and systems eg encryption. Then for cyber awareness, learn more about creating strong passwords and two factor authentication, awareness of data – use and misuse, cyberattack awareness, knowing online data is permanent, and up to date policies and procedures. While cyber safety learns about citing original authors, collaborating responsibly, sharing thoughtfully, considering “digital footprint”, applying a code of ethics, applying safe settings, being careful with devices and tools.

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