Cyber Security and Awareness

1) There are many ways that can be done to leave a trail of information, other than through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and others. It can also be through applications that require us to upload our personal data

2) Cryptography is the application and study of communication and data security techniques against third parties / enemies. for example Asymetric Key Cryptography, Classical Cryptography, Transposition Cipher, Subtitution Cipher, Modern Cryptography, Stream Cipher, and Block Cipher

3) 14 ACTUAL Instagram Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed! :

Instagram is a much more complex app than it seems, and in this video, I show you more than 14 tips, tricks & hacks to make the most of your Instagram/Instagram Story experience! These tips include a way to view messages without showing the “seen” receipt, Instagram Green Screen, a super quick way to switch accounts, how to see previous usernames of other users and much more! These tricks are specific to iOS 14 and are accessible in 2021!

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