Unit 5 – Option 2

I would like to share some resource about cyber ethics to our community.

  • Video: Cyber Ethics in a Real World – YouTube – Global Ethics Solutions public a video about Cyber ethics in a real world. Instead of some boring knowledge about cyber ethics, this video shares practice tips for understanding digital cyber security ethics issues.
  • Book: Cyber Ethics – Cyber citizenship and cyber safety. Provides advice on using the Internet safety and in an ethical manner, discussing such topics as computer etiquette, online plagiarism, guarding private information, and avoiding viruses and spam. The students who do not understand deeply on computer network security can easy get  tips and strategies about what proper and safe for cyberspace. This handbook gives students strategies for making good choices online and for staying safe. They will read about do’s and don’ts in using social networks, in chatting in groups/forums, or on blogs, learning that they have to take responsibility for everything they’ve done online.

book cyber ethics

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