Self driving cars

Whilst researching for applications of digital technologies, I found self driving cars. I was interested to find out how this application of digital technologies would be helpful in our society. The research has demonstrated that self driving cars would only be marginally cleaner, as an AI driver wouldn’t break too hard, accelerate too hard or idol too long. There is the reasoning that there might be more traffic on the road as people with disability and the elderly will be able to access a vehicle.

It was predicted that self driving cars would be able by 2020, yet we are still waiting. Self driving cars have been created but they are unable to be used on the road yet and the coding is incredibly complex as driving is one human activity that requires a lot of judgement calls, for example making eye contact to see who is going to go first.

The idea of not having to concentrate on the way to work means I can relax for that part of the journey, spend some time with my kids. There’s the potential for less driver fatigue and fatigue related accidents and also drivers who are under the influence. There is also the potential to take jobs away from delivery services and taxi drivers.

The application of self driving cars have the potential to be an asset in society, making transport accessible for disabled and elderly people but the loss of jobs would be devastating for many families. Fortunately it seems it is a long way off yet.

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