Task 5 Option 1

The ‘online safety and privacy’ activity that I am concentrating on here is blogging.

An unplugged preparation lesson involves using Post-It notes as analogs to ‘blog posts’. It allows all students to see what all students are saying on a topic (that perhaps you introduce). The blog threads can be shown physically by using different ‘lines’ of post it notes with arrows to the original post that started the thread. As a class you can audit the blog posts for appropriateness and kindness (or whatever catch phrases you use in the classroom).

With young students the start of the blog can be pretty neutral so that the focus is on what happens in a blog. With older students you might start a controversial blog with an ‘opinionated comment’ to elicit  students comments that can then be used as catalysts for discussions about  on-line etiquette. Some  hot topics might be sport (eg “the england cricket team are no good”) or films (eg the new Marvel movie is rubbish”) or TV shows or popular music. … anything where you know opinion varies in your class.

Various websites include:

Teacher training about privacy https://www.commonsense.org/education/training/privacy

Safe blogging activity from Aus govt


An American site with suggestions for safety standards with students




Pedagogy tips


Something to send to parents?



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