Year 2 : Visual Programming

My Year 2 Class has been learning about Visual Programming through the use of CODE.ORG:

This site contains a number of activities aimed at teaching students problem solving skills through Visual Programming. Students move through the various levels of activities, encountering harder problems as they progress.

And example activity is:


Today we’re going to learn about Pair Programming. In pair programming you work as a team. Why should two people use one computer? Because two heads are better than one. In pair programming you and your partner are going to sit down together at one computer and you are both going to work on the same project.

In pair programming, one person is the driver and the other person is the navigator, just like driving a car. The driver sits at the computer and is the one using the keyboard and mouse or touchscreen and controlling the main actions of the computer. The other person is the navigator. The navigator helps the driver by answering the driver’s questions and pointing out potential problems or mistakes.

Communication is key to successful pair programming. No insults, be respectful, don’t be a bossy navigator, because nobody likes a backseat driver. You and your partner should always be talking. The driver can explain what she or he is doing. And the navigator can help suggest what to do next.

The navigator should be thinking about the big picture and the driver focuses on the details. Both roles are important. Pair programming is all about working together as a team.

This activity begins with an explanatory video, before the students begin the actual activity on the site.

There are many other such activities available on CODE.ORG.

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