Option 3: Exploring Past and Present Technologies

Lesson 3 Alternative: How does the past shape our present and future?

Learning Intention 3: I will learn that objects found in the home can give information about the past.

Warm up: Read ‘Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge’ by Mem Fox


Discuss: What is memory? Share happy and sad memories and how they make us feel. What does it mean when someone has “lost their memory?”. Introduce the title and tell students that the story is about a little boy named Wilfred who tries to help his good friend find her memory. Ask students to make a prediction about how he might accomplish this task.

Discuss: How things from long ago shape our present and future. How can we learn from people who have gone before us?

During reading: Why does each person give Wilfred a different answer to his question, “What’s a memory?” As each item for the memory box is presented ask: Why do you think Wilfred chooses this item for the memory box? (shell – memories are long ago; puppet- memories makes you laugh; medal- memories make you cry; football – memories are “precious as gold”; warm egg – memories are warm) How do you think Miss Nancy feels at the end of the story?

Think, Pair, Share: What is a special memory that you have? What item would you choose to symbolise a memory?

Activity: Create a book of memories… use a symbol in your picture to represent a special memory that you have about your own family.





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