Option 3:

Students learn more about Picture Graphs, what they are and how to make one. We discuss what the purpose of a graph like this is and how it helps us. 

On interactive whiteboard, view a picture graph example and discuss how this can be used to help us compare the number of different things. 

Vote as a class on what their favourite pet is between cat and dog. This information can then be tallied and a picture graph created using j2e.com pictogram template (for example) 

Link on Desktop: https://www.j2e.com/jit5#pictogram  

Activity: As a class, look at the J2E picture graph link on the reception class’ desktop. 

Give an example of a picture graph – use the favourite pets example already tallied. 

  • In J2E, select “Pets”, then show how to increase/decrease the tally. 
  • Show how to save “as PDF” after clicking the Printer icon. This will allow students to save a copy of what they’ve created. Just save it into the class folder with their name for now. 


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