Unit 1, task 1, option 2

Find an example of digital technology being used to solve a problem or an innovative digital technology. This could be a news article, a website, an image, a video or some other content. Share what you have found with a brief description in the community as to why you think this is interesting.

A website which is useful for Digital Marketers is https://www.audience-iq.com/ 

This website is an interactive “digital marketing partner” which claims to be a consultant agency to provide demographic data for companies. Thus allowing marketers malaise how to best target their demographic when marketing digitally. This includes: Social Media, Content Marketing, Line Marketing, Customer Engagement Solutions and the Voice of a Customer. Audience IQ is a well awarded company with partnerships with multiple outstanding businesses such as Google and Facebook, to assist companies as large as the Marriott (Hotels). 


To use this website you can Register and start your audit, and Audience IQ will review you websites/company’s:

  •  Digital Asset Presence Review
  • Customer Journey review: Web, Social, Paid Advertising
  • Digital Media Channel and Performance Review
  • Social Engagement and Content Review
  • Database Management and CRM Program Review
  • Customer Service and Social Community Management

If you are a small business and do not believe you need this copious amount of support, you can utilise their partnership with facebook: business ID insights: https://www.facebook.com/business/insights/tools/audience-insights  

This hybrid website allows the user to analyse data from facebook users (Facebook/Instagram) such as potential reach or current reach’s:  gender, top towns/cities reach by percentage, age, their most followed facebook pages, interests and language. For marketers this can define your reach with your product/service e.g. make-up artist: for 18-30 year old women/men in Sydney, English. 

Digital Technologies, such as Audience IQ, enable more users to access more information to improve their digital practice and digital marketing strategies, providing more meaningful advertising to digital technology users, and digital companies. 

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