Task I – Option 2

After some research, I was interested to find an answer to the problem of feeding my dog when I want to go out for the day and can’t be home in time to meet her regular feed times using digital technologies.

PetNet is a smart feeder for both dogs and cats. It can be controlled by my smartphone and deliver the correct amount of food to keep my dog healthy at the time she needs it. I can also play a pre-recorded message to call my dog for feeding in my own voice. It’ll also alert my phone when my dog has been fed or when  I need to buy more food.  There are many more models available now. Check one out using this hyperlink: https://www.amazon.com.au/PETS-CHOSEN-Feeder%EF%BC%8CProgrammable-Recorder%EF%BC%8CLow-Indication%EF%BC%8CWiFi/dp/B093V6LYB3



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