Task Five – Option One

In teaching my year 5 and 6 students how to behave appropriately and safely online, I would utilise DigiiSocial and would begin with the lesson that teaches children what is appropriate to share online (and what isn’t).


Lesson plan: https://digiisocial.com/resources/lesson-plans/digii-think/

Digii Social’s website describes the platform as: “DiGii Social provides Year 5 and 6 children with an engaging and educational social-media-like experience where the expectation of complex learning allows for, and encourages, failing-forwards. When children engage in real social-media life, their interactions form an always and forever, often unfortunate, one-day-employer-accessible digital résumé. On DiGii Social, clever application of technology allows and guides a child through what is often messy learning about establishing their identity online – a springboard for online life. DiGii Social is a transformative cyber-education tool that is school-secured and aligned to the National Curriculum outcomes.”



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