Task 7: Option 3

Option 3: Use one of the visual programming environments to create a program of your own, which could be used as the basis for a classroom activity.


Visual programming languages are incredibly user friendly, and are therefore able to be used throughout Primary school in classrooms of all ages and ability ranges. As part of a group project I was able to use Scratch to create a program that launched a rocket ship to space. This program is intended to be used in a Year 1 classroom to demonstrate the use of ‘Makey Makey’- a keyboard mimicking device that allows everyday objects to control a computer. Children will first experiment with Makey Makey using the following program that I coded, with the aim being for students to be able to simply press the SPACE key by connecting the Makey Makey device to a conductive everyday material or object. The program can be found here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/583287979/. A follow up program can be found here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/583302519/, this activity will be used by the children to connect more objects to their computer, allowing them to control the arrow keys on the computer using everyday objects. As an extension to these activities, older children may be asked to come up with their own visual program on Scratch to achieve a specific purpose (e.g. fly to the moon).

screen-shot-2021-10-16-at-3.35.14-pm-0.png screen-shot-2021-10-16-at-3.35.30-pm-1.png

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