Task 7: Option 3

Option 3: Use one of the visual programming environments to create a program of your own, which could be used as the basis for a classroom activity.

Visual programming languages are simpler and easier than text based and more accessible for children. Therefore the activity should be entertaining so that the students are engaged.

For this task, I thought it would be particularly engaging for students to create their own dance sequences in scratch. This would introduce them to the concept of visual programming while also addressing the arts curriculum, specifically: Exploration and improvisation of movement ideas to create simple dance sequences (ACADAM001)

I found a Youtube video that showed me how you can create different dance sequences in Scratch. This can be found at: Dance Party (Scratch). (2020, March 23). [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsSEQDgtTvM&ab_channel=TechTimewithMr.Nguyen

This activity could give students an exciting introduction to visual programming and the Scratch interface.


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