Task 7: Option 3

Teaching visual programming without the computer.

I would integrate Technologies and Art (Dance) to introduce the students to the basics of programming before moving on to Robo Boogie. I would get each student to draw a dance move on a piece of paper. Each student must try to draw a different dance move to make the dance interesting. With the students then look through the dance moves and discuss them.

Stand all the students up and stick the dance moves to the board so the students can program their own dance that they will then learn. Let the students decide how the dance should be made. When making the dance certain moves can be repeated by putting a multiplication symbol followed by a number to show how many times that move is repeated. The students could then do this dance as an assembly item.

After this activity students could then move on Robo Boogie and start programming their own dance.

*See picture for how the pages could be laid out on the board.

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