Task 7: Option 2

Option 2: Describe a classroom activity that incorporates a visual programming environment (it can be any included in this module or another environment that you come across).


Cubetto is a small, wooden robot that introduces programming to early years students through story-telling, problem-solving and collaborated experiences. Cubetto offers a variety of maps and accompanying story books that takes students along on Cubetto’s adventures as they work collaboratively to program an algorithm of how to get him to each destination. This requires a bit of planning from the students, as if their algorithm does not work, they must return to the point which they were last at from the end of the previously read part of the story.

With access to multiple Cubetto bots and different story books + maps, students could work in groups to navigate their way through the story and develop an algorithm to get Cubetto from point A to point B. This is a great way to also incorporate the Literacy capability through allowing students to take turns reading the story, understanding the instructions to progress in the story, and construct their own understandings from it. This could be structured as a multi-lesson activity that allows students to navigate a Cubetto story each lesson in their group. At the end of the lesson, students can reflect to the class on what the story was about, their experiences with programming the algorithms, and identifying problem-solving strategies they used to get themselves out of any binds they were in.

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