Task 7: Option 1a

For my classroom activity that uses a pre-existing Scratch game, I chose an activity for year 5, based on the ‘Maze Game’ by Maxers:


Firstly the teacher would engage the students by putting down masking tape in a simple maze shape and then ‘being’ the character, having one student try to navigate them using detailed instructions and then describing the use of algorithms and programs. This would be followed by putting up a QR code that would take the students to the game in question, where they could have a bit of a play, before discussing how they think the game might work (without having looked at the code).

The students will then go onto the code section and be invited to experiment with the code given based on instructions given on a separate worksheet – e.g., ‘describe what happens when you remove the first repeat box’ or ‘describe what happens when you take out the game timer’ and so on. Once the students have completed the prewritten prompts, they can try to write an explanation for how the game works which they will then hand in to the teacher.

To extend the students, they might want to try making their own maze game by downloading a picture of a maze as the backdrop and trying to figure out how a user could move the sprite – the teacher will walk around, ready to assist.

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