Task 6 – Option 3

The following flow chart is designed to provide a computational thinking approach to a basic everyday task – washing hands. Given the current context of COVID-19 and increased awareness of cold prevention too, this like an appropriate daily task to represent.

The flow chart goes through the thought processes required of students when deciding whether or not to wash their hands during class and provides options for using hand sanitiser if the student is not allowed to leave class (if the content being taught is important) or going to the bathroom to wash them. I think the sign makes a useful general resource for the classroom but also links well with the core concept of flow charts for computational thinking and logic gates of “yes”/”no”. To further link this process to computing concepts, the arrows could be turned into switches which are open (no) or closed (yes).


This chart could be used as a hook/model for an activity on programming for everyday life and the teacher could then get students to design their own flow chart for simple everyday tasks that break down the decision making process into stages. It would link well with other health concepts such as the year 4 codes (ACPPS036; ACPPS040) which involve pedestrian safety and following rules. Students could make charts for ‘how to cross the road’ (looking at options for if cars or bikes are present for instance). It could likewise be linked to year 4 health again but in a school rules context around appropriate lunchtime behaviour and conflict resolution (ACPPS034).

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