Task 6: Option 2

This would be a lesson that could be used for later primary and utilises lego. To begin with, I would have a lego creation and instructions to follow for the students on how to recreate the creation. The creation would be hidden. At the end of the sequence of instructions, the creation would be revealed and the students would look to see how closely they were able to recreate it. I would discuss with the students what they think would happen if I took away one of the steps in the instruction.

The second part of the lesson would have students making their own lego creation and writing down the instructions for it. Then they would have a partner follow the instructions to see if they could recreate it.

This could be adapted for online learning as long as the students had their own basic lego sets. This could also be adapted for early primary by making sure the creation was simple and instead using oral instruction if reading ability was  varied.


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