Task 6: Option 2

The activity I would design for older students to learn about sequences of instructions is based in origami. The students (approximately year 5) would first create an origami animal as a class, following either a video with instructions or the teachers instructions. They will then discuss what might have happened if a certain step was missed or miscommunicated.

Students will then be instructed to put up their clipboards as a barrier to prying eyes, and create their own original origami creation – writing down every step that they perform. After a little while, students will pair up, a clipboard between them, and attempt to follow their partner’s instructions to create their partner’s construction. Both students will have a turn.

Lastly, students will reveal their creation to their partner and compare it to the original piece. In a think-pair-share, the students will discuss how successful they were and what they need to remember for the  next time they need to give instructions.

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