Task 5: Option 3

One platform that comes to mind is the google online storage and live sharing/ collaborating systems for safety and security in encouraging students to create and share information in safe online learning environments.

Google has created these websites as encrypted and secure ways to store and create online tools. It is accessed through the creation of a personal username and password, of which the students would be encouraged to maintain confidentiality of access to ensure safety. In terms of third party access, this is considered a high quality and safe site for users.

The upload of data and information from students is stored in an accessible source by any device at any time, allowing an extra element of safety for storage as the data is not only linked to one device in case it is broken, lost or inaccessible for a short period of time.

In terms of live sharing of information, if the user is not logged in, they can access via a sent link from the creator of a document and they will be given an alias access name- all access is seen live by all parties. Students can collaborate in real time and use a familiar document setup to other apps such as Microsoft Office.

This makes websites such as google docs and google slides a safe online space to create and share information between students and google drive a safe space to store work.

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