Task 5: Option 3

The teacher could create a password-protected website on Wix.com featuring a blog, which would allow students to share their work and engage in discussions while online. Students could potentially also have to log in to the website using their own account in order for them to see others’ posts and create their own, thus making the site more secure and holding students more accountable for what they post and say online.

Google Docs (and others such as Google Slides and Google Sheets) are particularly useful for creating work online together, as each person in the document can edit and see what other people have done. It is also fairly secure as the privacy settings can be changed so only people invited can view/edit the document.

Miro is a collaborative whiteboard, which allows students to brainstorm ideas together. Padlet is another way students can brainstorm and share ideas, though it can be anonymous, which may reduce accountability. Flipgrid can also be used for students to upload videos of themselves or their work. There are features to aid students if they are more camera-shy and students can comment on each others’ work. Google and Apple Classroom are also good ways for students to share their work with others.

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