Task 5 – Option 2

Option 2: Find a app or a website that takes raw data and presents users with meaningful information. What data does the service collect? How does it present the information to users and why is it important?

Google Forms is a web app that allows for anyone to collect data through a variety of methods and then collates that data into a visual representation. Data collected in the form of short answers appears in lists, checkbox questions can be represented as bar charts, and multiple choice options are represented as a pie chart. These visualisations happen automatically and this is one of the advantages of the site – because collecting the data doesn’t require the user to process any raw data if they don’t wish to and they can simply use the chart provided.

While Google Forms by itself doesn’t collect any raw data it does allow users to create their own surveys for free and therefore the information is always meaningful to the person collecting it. It is also an excellent tool to use in Primary Schools for things like formative quizzes, as the information can quickly be assessed from a multiple choice quiz to see where teachers should target their instruction next. Moreover, it provides teachers with an easy way to keep records of aggregate formative scores (they can simply download the piechart image) to then be able to have a running record of overall class trends and make sure the class is making progress.

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