Task 5 option 2

Option 2: Find a app or a website that takes raw data and presents users with meaningful information. What data does the service collect? How does it present the information to users and why is it important?


Google trends is an excellent website that takes the raw data from those use the Google search engine. Google trends collects the volume of searches, the location of where the searches occurred and the searches that are closely related.

When searching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are noticeable increase of interest occurred during February by Australians using the Google search engine. By displaying the data visually it easier for users to formulate questions such as “why was there such a large increase in interest during February?”.

When viewing the data for the West Coast Eagles Google trends displays that a vast majority of searches relating to the West Coast Eagles occurs within Western Australia, likely because that is the state in which the team is based.


Related searches:

When viewing the Google trend data for the University of Western Australia Google trends is able to display that the most related searches relating to the University of Western Australia are related to the degrees offered and the semester dates.

This information is important as it can be used for several reasons such as education or marketing.


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