Task 5, Option 1

Online safety, I believe, should be taught to students in conjunction with providing information and opportunities for parents to learn. This could be done during class time, or a special evening where parents and children are invited to attend a workshop together at the school. 

Within a lesson directed at students, they should be taught how to behave appropriately in an online setting, but also what to do in cases where they may see something they shouldn’t. Students should be taught about their digital footprint and digital identity. Children are becoming more technologically fluent at increasingly younger ages, meaning that online safety needs to be taught from a young age. I think it is also important to provide a range of scenarios for the students and talk through the desired steps to take. It is also important to emphasise that being safe online is ensuring that students have an adult they are comfortable approaching and supervising their online time. 

Below are some websites that I have found useful to explore: 

https://www.esafety.gov.au/  (for educators & parents) 

https://www.esafety.gov.au/kids (for students) 


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