Task 5 – Option 1


Linking online behaviour to a detective story, using an illustrative example from a well-known fictional text, familiar to the students.

Online Outlaws

Using a keynote to construct a simple ‘mystery’ requiring students to determine the identity of someone misbehaving online. List of suspects at the start, with their internet profiles modelled on facebook or instagram – showcasing friends, interests. ‘Crime’ should be age appropriate, possibly linked to something that has occurred, or is likely to occur, in the specific class. Various clues as to the identity of the misbehaving individual should be revealed – including the nature of what they’ve done and evidence seen on their social media profiles. 

Some of the profiles in the keynote mystery story should be high risk – with sensitive information like phone numbers or addresses. 

Make parallels between our classroom behaviour guidelines and appropriate online behaviour. 


https://digiisocial.com/ – Older students can practise the principles of online safety using a regulated, school-approved social media-like site such as digii social.

https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/jessie-and-friends-videos/ Younger students can be taught the basics of online safety using accessible online videos.  


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