Task 5: Option 1

Option 1: Think of a lesson idea for “sharing information online safely” or “behaving online appropriately”. Write your idea as a brief description with any links to websites, videos or books that you might use in your lesson. If you are a trainer or leader, you might describe an activity for teachers in a professional development session.

A lesson that could be conducted to teach younger years, around Year 2, about sharing information online safely could begin by creating a character, such as a monster, and its information – this could be presented in the format of a social media profile. A class discussion could be started, asking students questions such as:

  • Do you use the internet?
  • What do you do on the internet?
  • Do you talk to people online? Who do you talk to?
  • What does the word ‘private’ mean?

Engage students in a discussion about what information should be kept private on the internet. This includes things like their full names, address, date of birth, phone number and/or email address, where they go to school, and information about their parents. The monster (or other character) can be used to highlight this – what information from his profile made earlier should be kept private? Ask students why they think this information is important to keep private.

Introduce a game – we need to teach the monster what information is okay for him to share online. Present the students with information, such as his favourite food, his mum’s phone number, his favourite movie, and so on, and ask the students to respond with whether they think he should share it online. This could be done in a number of ways – students put their thumbs up/down, they write their answers down, or they move to sides of the classroom to represent their answer. After each piece of information, discuss the students’ answers.

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